To My Not-So-Baby Girl on Her Second Birthday

Girl, you’re too cute. You make us laugh 100 times a day. Your stilly antics, adorable giggle, and cheesy grin fill our world with color. I love the way you call “moooooommy” when you wake up in the morning and how you ask me to open the blinds so you can see “Mr. Sun.” Breakfast can’t come fast enough for you. I usually can’t even brew a cup of coffee before you’re begging for oatmeal or yogurt or (yes) chocolate. Silly girl – you know you don’t get chocolate for breakfast! You ask for milk when I have coffee and while I do my Bible study and pray and read you slurp milk, play with toys, and beg me to watch a cartoon. Sometimes I give in and have my “quiet” time with Daniel Tiger, Curious George, or Caillou playing in the background.

You’re the best little errands buddy – we go everywhere together. You love weekly Trader Joe’s and Target trips. Actually, we go to Target so often that you think that’s where we’re going every time we leave the house! That’s what happens when it’s two blocks away! You love to push the child-sized carts at Trader Joe’s and you try to fill it with random items off the shelf. You’re very friendly to fellow shoppers, always giving them a loud “HELLO” and a princess wave. They always comment on your cute clothes and pretty eyes. Your favorite part about shopping is the stickers you’re rewarded with at the checkout. Somehow you always end up with ten at a time! Must be that cute voice saying “a sticker, please?”

You’ve recently started begging me to get down on the floor and play with you and I’m getting better about saying yes. I’m an on-the-go kind of mom who often forgets about playing, so don’t quit asking! I need that play time just as much as you do! You mostly want me to chase you and tickle you but occasionally you ask me to play blocks or dollhouse and proceed to tell me I’m doing it wrong. WELCOME TO TODDLERHOOD. You’re obsessed with the movie Frozen (even though you’ve only seen it twice). You sing, “Let it Go” and dance like Princess Elsa and build princess castles with your blocks. You sing the last line of “In Summer” just like Olaf with that low, vibrato voice. CRACKS US UP. You love to sing. But your #1 tune is “The Wheels on the Bus.”

You’re fantastic at memorizing! You know the entire alphabet song and can recognize most letters by sight. We’re starting to work on sounding out letters. You can count 1-10 perfectly and sometimes even 1-15! You’ve recently gotten much better at recognizing colors though you get mixed up here and there. But you always get pink correct! We started working on Bible verses and you now know a few by heart. You often get confused with Psalm 23 and say, “He makes me lie down in purple pastures” – can’t get over how adorable that is.

You’ve started going on the potty a little bit over the last few weeks but mommy doesn’t feel quite ready for full-on potty training. Diapers are so easy! You’ve done a great job, but I’ve also cleaned up waaaay too much pee this week. You mostly just love reading books on the potty and wearing princess panties – big girl perks.

You ask for Chick-fil-a several times a week (but we definitely don’t go that often). You love dipping nuggets in sauce and drinking milk out of a plastic bottle. And this week you got really brave and climbed up the CFA play place all by yourself and went down the “scary” slide. I love seeing you face your fears! We frequent the nearby park and you often want to skip the toddler section and play on the big kid play set. It makes mommy a little nervous but I should be grateful because it’s a far cry from even six months ago when you were scared of everything. Mommy is so proud!

You can be whiny and a little intense at times and I don’t always react with patience. But you just grab me around the neck, say “I’m sorry mom” and make me melt into a puddle. You’re such a sensitive soul (a trait you most certainly got from your dad). You are keenly aware of others’ needs and are always there to help. You sometimes get this goofy grin when you’re in trouble and I have to turn away and laugh. You little stinker, you! You say “please” and “thank you” incessantly and sometimes for no reason at all – but I’m not complaining! You silly girl.

I could write an entire book about your first two years of life, but I need to stop now. We stayed up late putting together your birthday gift – a play kitchen! I’m tired and may not make much sense as I’m writing these words, but I want you to know you mean the world to us! I could never put into words the joy you bring us, Kya girl. Your name’s meaning sums it up well – you’re our “diamond in the sky.” Happy second birthday, baby!

Photoshoot Location: Cactus & Tropicals