Toddler Stocking Stuffer Guide


My friend Jenny and I have teamed up to share our toddler stocking stuffer picks for 2016! We have three kids between the two of us, ages 1-3, so these ideas reflect that range. We hope these ideas inspire you as you search for those last-minute gifts!

Jenny’s Picks

Toddler Unisex Tube Socks

These are insanely cute! And who doesn’t love some baby knee chub hanging over knee socks?! I got the six-pack and I’m going to use a couple pairs as gifts for others, wrapped in a hair bow.

Augie and Lola Reusable Bag

I was able to get these for a steal on Cyber Monday for $4 each, so I grabbed several! The patterns are SO fun. And my kids eat snacks ALL. THE. TIME. so I like that I can mix up the variety by throwing different things in these cute little bags. I know you can also find them on Amazon Prime (different brands, of course) if you are in a pinch and need some quick shipping!

Little Poppy Co Christmas Classic Bow

This is another STEAL I snatched up for Black Friday! I was able to get it for only $2 so I added on a couple extras for gifts! If you are on Instagram or Etsy, I am sure you can find unique little bows in all sorts of price ranges!

Crazy Crayons Eco Stars

I love that these are simple and pretty and actually really practical for toddlers. I think my kids will love coloring with these. For my one year old, this would be a little easier to grasp than normal-sized crayons.

Lacing Toys

I found mine in the bargain bins at Target for $3, but I’ve linked to something similar.

Kellie’s Picks

My First Brain Quest

Kya is a very fast learner so I had in mind some type of flashcard set for her for Christmas. While searching Amazon, I came across this and thought it would be perfect and would challenge her mentally!

Shorven Baby Knee High Socks

I have seen these type of knee socks for a while but had never seen the kitten or owl ones! How cute are they?!

Sweet n Swag Leather Hair Bows

We’re a little bow-obsessed over here so I knew a few would go in Kya’s stocking. I ordered three from Sweet n Swag on Cyber Monday so I got an extra good deal. I fell in love with these leather bows!

Along with the above items I purchased a classic box of animal crackers at Target for $1 as well as some fruit snack pouches. These items are very inexpensive, help fill up the stocking, and will get an easily-pleased toddler quite excited!

We are both so excited about Christmas, especially with toddlers in our homes! What are your favorite toddler stocking stuffers? We would love to hear from you!