A White Thanksgiving

Since we officially celebrated Thanksgiving last week, we spent Thanksgiving Day differently this year. I started off by sleeping in until 7:30! Daniel got up with Kya and let me sleep. She is an early riser (usually between 5:00-5:30, sometimes 6:00) so 7:30 feels great. We then got ready and headed to the center of downtown SLC to fill our bellies with brunch at the Oasis Cafe. I highly recommend it! It’s a pleasant environment with great food and large portions!

Then we headed to Park City. The historic downtown area is about 40 minutes from SLC. Not much was open, but we had fun driving through the snow and looking at the beautiful mountains. We stopped along the side of the road to take a photo for our Christmas cards. I brought my tripod for this purpose but realized once we were getting set up that I was missing the little piece that attaches the camera to the tripod. We improvised and I carefully placed my camera on a wide, metal pole on a sidewalk while we took a few steps into a flat area surrounded by snow-laden trees.  Kya wasn’t very happy with the snow or the cold. We didn’t realize how chilly it would be in the middle of the day. It was 25 degrees in the early afternoon! We froze our tails off snagging a few photos then loaded back into the car to see if we could find an open coffee shop for a warm beverage. Thankfully, Park City’s Starbucks was open and bustling with people who needed relief from the cold. We ordered a venti Chai Tea Latte to share and got Kya her first cake pop. She was a huge fan! Who wouldn’t be?! We warmed up then headed back home.




After arriving home, I decided to get Kya suited up in her puffy snow gear and boots. We went outside for a few minutes to see how she would react to the snow. She was not too excited about playing, but she did eat some snow. We ate leftovers for dinner, put Kya to bed, and watched a cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie. Our Thanksgiving was so different, but very fun and relaxing!



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