Kya – Eighteen Months

I think the 18-month mark is a good time for another update on Kya – how she is growing, learning, and changing. Kya is just getting over some sickness. I hope she’ll stay healthy for at least a little while. She had the stomach bug last week and hand, foot, and mouth this week along with 48 hours of a high fever. She was absolutely miserable in between doses of Motrin. But today she woke up cool as a cucumber and much happier! It’s a blessing to see her playing and eating like her normal self.

Kya continues to amaze us with her verbal skills. She is an excellent communicator for her age and is quite advanced in her vocabulary. She talks up a storm and is using two and three-word sentences. She copies everything we say. A little parrot! I’m constantly floored by how fast she learns new words and concepts. She can recite nearly the entire alphabet on her own and knows numbers 1-10. She loves to read and will finish sentences of familiar books. She loves to watch a few cartoons – Curious George, Caillou, and Daniel Tiger. George is definitely her favorite. This past week, she woke up for the day and instead of crying, “mommy” like normal she said “oooh oooh, aaah aaah” like George. Hilarious! We have started working on a few Bible verses. She can copy what we say but doesn’t say them on her own. We’ve been learning “children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right.” She says “Ephesians” almost perfectly. Such a funny little voice!


Kya sleeps 10-11 hours a night and takes one (1.5-hour) nap. She goes to bed at 7:00 and wakes sometime between 5:00-6:00. Yes, so early! The daylight savings time change may have something to do with it, but she frequently woke that early before so who knows. I’m hoping she’ll transition to a later waking time again. For now, I’m trying to make the most of it. It does help us get up and get going. I go to bed at 9:30 so even when she wakes super early, I’m still getting decent sleep.

Kya has never been a huge eater and that’s still true to this day. She eats small portions but wants to eat many times throughout the day. We do small meals and lots of snacks. Her favorite foods are yogurt, any fruit (including smoothies), cheese, olives, spaghetti (she calls it “masketi”), deli meat, and goldfish. Typical toddler. She’s not a big veggie lover but we still manage to sneak them in here and there. She typically eats what we eat with the exception of spicy foods.

Kya is very particular with certain things (she comes by it honestly). She can’t stand a messy face or messy hands. She finds little pieces of dirt or trash on the floor (or wherever we are) and brings them to me and tells me “trash”. It gets gross if we’re in public! She is starting to be helpful around the house to a small extent. She loves to put her clothes in the hamper, throw away her diapers, and “helps” me clean and cook. She notices when things are out of place and will ask me to put them back. Like mother like daughter. 🙂 She is also starting to have occasional opinions about what she wears. Every day she requests jeans, fuzzy boots, a fuzzy jacket, and a black bow. The way she says “fuzzy” cracks me up! Of course, mommy usually still gets the final say in her outfit choice, but sometimes I let her choose.

It’s fun to watch Kya pretend play more. I’ll often find her toys set up in some semi-organized way and she’ll be talking to her dolls or stuffed animals, telling them what to do. I can’t always make out what she’s saying but just the fact that she’s pretending gets me chuckling. By now, Kya is very used to the camera (since I’m always taking her photo) and she has started to pose for me. It’s ADORABLE. She loves picture time and knows exactly what to do. Little diva!



Kya is a very well-mannered little girl for the most part. She definitely has tantrums but they are not too frequent at this point. I know I’m in for it as she gets closer to two though! She says “thank you” and “I love you” on her own now without prompting and it melts my heart every time. She seems to have a sensitive spirit which it has been such a joy and blessing to us. She definitely gets that from Daniel, not me! 🙂 She is extremely affectionate, especially toward daddy. She realizes that he is gone a lot and gets frantically excited when he comes home each day and then seems pleasantly surprised to see him home when she wakes on Saturday and Sunday. On weekdays, he leaves before she wakes, so weekend mornings are extra special for us!

These last six months have definitely stretched me as a mom and wife, getting used to a new schedule and an entirely new life. I am learning how to deal with toddler-ness and big messes and sickness and whining and last-minute change of plans. It’s all so good for me and has loosened me up a bit. I’m thankful to see the grace of Jesus at work in me, changing me one step at a time. The work of motherhood is an incredibly sanctifying process and I want to better learn how to welcome the challenges as well as the blessings.


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