Podcast Favorites

Over the last several months, I have become a huge fan of podcasts. Of course, they’re nothing new and I’ve listened to various shows over the years but I’m becoming a religious listener to several specific ones. My infatuation began when we were packing to move from Oregon to Utah. I started packing up our home in early August, right after we put our home on the market. I did what I could at that early stage, packing away things I knew we wouldn’t need. Packing and organizing is something I enjoy anyways, but the further and further I got into it, the less and less fun it became. I needed something to draw me to packing – to help me look forward to the process each day. That’s where podcasts came in. They helped pass the time by engaging my mind as I worked. I also love a good podcast recommendation so I wanted to return the favor and share what I’m currently listening to!

Risen Motherhood

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I’m a huge fan of Risen Motherhood. They have a website and a podcast that focuses on how the gospel influences motherhood. They have a very helpful resource list that you’ll want to check out!

Coffee + Crumbs

This was probably the very first podcast that I consistently followed. They talk about a variety of topics related to motherhood. They also frequently post beautiful written pieces on their website. Check out both!

Gospel Grace Church

This is our church’s sermon podcast. I started listening to this podcast prior to moving to Utah. Now I’m personally present for most sermons, but if I miss one I can access it on iTunes. Our pastors are currently teaching through the book of James. Can’t recommend this one enough!

The Girl Next Door Podcast

This podcast is hosted by two fun-loving moms. They discuss a wide smattering of topics – all over the map, really. But that’s what makes it fun! I find myself listening to them a lot while doing dishes or driving around on errands.

Chris Loves Julia

If you’re into home design, this podcast is for you! Chris and Julia Marcum, along with their good friend, host a podcast about home design. This might be the most entertaining podcast I listen to. They are absolutely hilarious! They also run a gorgeous website. We will definitely be consulting their site when it comes time for us to fix up a house!

Young House Love Has a Podcast

I’ve followed John and Sherry Petersik off and on for years. They recently started a podcast and it is awesome! They’re super fun and spunky and they give a lot of very practical advice about home design. They have a beautiful website, a few books (which are on my Christmas wish list), and a line of gorgeous products, including some pretty stellar light fixtures!

So while you’re busy doing what you do, have a listen!

I would love to hear what you’re listening to!


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