Bon Appétit – My Baby Chef

We’re not super into Halloween over here, but we do love a cute costume! Growing up, my mom made her four kids amazing costumes each year. I am not talented in that realm, so I simply purchased a few items to make the costume I was envisioning. We originally planned her costume for a party we were supposed to attend over the weekend. We ended up not being able to go, but we’ll still dress her up this evening for fun. We aren’t trick or treating (she is too young for candy and gets scared very easily) but I’m sure we’ll have plenty of visitors at our door.

Her chef costume was inspired by her love of “cooking!” For a while now, she has been quite interested in what I do in the kitchen. The huge island at our previous home was perfect for allowing her to sit on the counter and “help.” The kitchen in our rental doesn’t have much counter space, but we hold her and she still helps occasionally. I’ll often throw a bowl and spatula or whisk on the floor while I prepare a meal and she enjoys following along. We are big Food Network fans and our daughter seems to be following in our steps. She will sit and watch a cooking show with such focused attention. She’ll even tell us what the hosts are doing. She throws out words like “mix, bowl, stir, mixer, milk, eggs” or whatever she sees happening! I’m wondering if culinary school is in her future! 🙂

In addition to being super cute for Halloween, her outfit is something she’ll get a lot of use out of in the future as she plays around the house. I am starting to Christmas shop and I just purchased Kya the Melissa & Doug pots and pans set to go along with the chef apron and hat. I’m hoping to add a play kitchen for her second birthday in May! I purchased the apron and hat from this Etsy shop and I found the fleece-lined, black + white leggings at Carter’s.

Last week, we did ten minutes worth of photos in the backyard to document the cuteness! I’m sharing a few today. I hope these brighten your Monday!









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