These Days

These days are good days. Some are slow, some are busy, some are super busy! I love the variety and rely upon it for both productivity and respite. Since Kya and I have 12 hours per weekday at home just the two of us, I have recently been trying to incorporate more structure into our days.


A few weeks ago, I purchased a physical day planner. I was a religious day-planner-user in college but haven’t given them much thought since. With the addition of a child and scheduling more and more household, church, and social events, I liked the idea of something I could actually write in. I do use a large calendar on the fridge, but I wanted something with room for more details. I picked up a basic $10 planner from Target (I’m not fancy when it comes to stuff like this) and it’s been very helpful in keeping me organized. For a long time I’ve relied on the Wunderlist app + iCal on my phone to keep me organized but I’ve felt glued to my phone recently. I still use those apps, but I write down a lot more in my day planner.

Each week is different, but some of the structure stays the same. We usually take it easy on Mondays. I use it for cleaning, laundry, and meal-planning and we try to stay put at home for the most part. If I’ve done a photoshoot over the weekend, I’ll often work on editing and sending off the photos to my clients. Tuesdays are grocery shopping days. I am not a regular at any one particular store since moving to SLC. I rotate between three or four stores depending on what I need and what sales are going on. I’m definitely not one to traipse around town to all the stores in one day to find the best deals. I used to do that before becoming a mom. Now getting through ONE grocery store as fast as possible is my goal. 🙂 Wednesdays are up-in-the-air days, depending on what I feel like doing or need to get done. Sometimes that means working on home projects, sometimes spending time at the park, and sometimes running errands. We host community group at our home on Wednesday evenings, so I often spend a little time in the late afternoon cleaning and tidying up for that. Thursdays are library day! We have a fantastic local library that offers quite a few programs for kids, specifically toddlers. Thursday is “play date at the library.” They set up stations (ball pit, blocks, play dough, etc.) in a large room and invite young kids to play with parental supervision. It’s a little over an hour’s worth of time and is so fun! It allows Kya to have interaction with other children her age and participate in new activities. It’s also been a great way for me to meet others moms in the area. A few of us even exchanged numbers last week so we can get together! Fridays are also flexible and different each week. Sometimes we head out on errands in the afternoon to make the time go faster. We just get plain excited that it’s almost the weekend and we’ll get daddy back soon!

We love the park and have gone several times a week since living here. There is a really nice one five minutes from our home so it’s an easy jaunt over there when we get to feeling cooped up. The weather is still mild most of the time, so that makes park time even more appealing as we wait for the impending snow! As the winter approaches, we’re going to have to get more creative with our days. There will be more limited outside time. I plan to get more brave with toddler arts and crafts. Up to this point, Kya has colored a few times but that’s about the extent of it. I’m currently putting together her Amazon Christmas wish list and I’ve added quite a few arts and crafts items to it this year (play dough, finger paint set, table top paper roll).

The adjustment to Daniel’s work schedule has been easier than I first thought it would be. Because we have less time together than we’ve had in the past, we find ourselves being more conscious and purposeful about how we plan our weekends. We like to discuss our plans for the weekend on Friday so we can be more in control of our time, get things done, and make room for some fun! We’re getting better at balancing housework, projects, errands, family time, church, and hospitality over the weekends. We have consistently had people in our home for meals over the last month and it has enriched our lives immensely. We thought our weekends would fly but they’ve actually felt perfect and we’ve been able to fill them with a variety of activities as well as rest.


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