Our New Normal

We’ve been adjusting to a completely new life in Utah: new state, new home, new job, new schedule, new church, new stores, new doctors, new friends, and the list goes on. But after only three weeks here, we truly feel like this is home. The list of things we love about Salt Lake City is a mile long! The beauty of the (already snow-capped) mountains, our wonderful church family, our community group, reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones, and the close proximity of TONS of stores and restaurants are a few of our favorite things about living here.

It’s been getting chilly already! This week’s lows are in the 30s and snow is already falling over the mountains where my husband works. The consistent snow will be a huge thing for us to get used to. I grew up in the south where we had the occasional ice + freezing rain + snow shower but nothing like here. I’m going to have to learn how to use a snowblower! I’m also going to have to learn how to dress my family in appropriate cold-weather attire. Any tips from you cold-weather folks would be appreciated!

Another thing I’m getting used to is all the crazy-busy city highways. Zippy, somewhat reckless, 70-mile-an-hour city traffic is not something I’m used to. My husband made me drive a 25-minute stretch the first week we were here and I was kind of scared out of my mind. That might sound silly, but these drivers are much more aggressive than I’m used to! I am trying to muster up the bravery to get back on those roads but for now I’m thankful I can get where I need to go on easy roads. Whew!

Kya and I checked out a local historic farm yesterday and thankfully we finished right before a thunderstorm blew through! It was a cold, wet day but we still had a blast wandering around looking at the animals, gardens, and barns.







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