Coastal Birthday + New Way of Doing Coffee

My birthday happened to fall on a Friday this year (woot!) which is my husband’s day off. For the majority of the summer he has taken almost no days off, so actually having a day off to spend together ON my birthday was pretty much amazing. Numerically speaking, this birthday was one of those not-so-cool ones. 29. Not a cool quarter century like 25. But not the big 3-0 yet, which will involve something super spectacular I’m sure (candid hint). Just 29. I honestly don’t feel a day over 25 and many people mistaken me for a 20-year old (until they see me toting my baby around). I’ll take it! As much as I’d love to believe I’ll be in my 20s forever, 30 is just around the corner and I’m going to have to just embrace it.

I opened my birthday gift from Daniel first thing after waking up. He purchased me something I’ve had on my Amazon wish list for quite some time – an AeroPress coffee and espresso maker (grammar/spelling nerd note: Espresso is spelled with an S not an X. Please pronounce it accordingly). 🙂 A close friend has been raving about hers for quite some time and sent me info and tutorials about it months ago. I was very interested in it, but I wasn’t sure if I should commit to a standard french press or this new-fangled AeroPress thing. Aside from the fact that it’s the most highly rated french press on Amazon, what won me over was this article that Lyndsay Gugger posted on her drop-dead gorgeous blog. I’ve never made a better cup of coffee at home! Even my husband (who is a staunch non-coffee-drinker) asked me to make him a cup yesterday and he liked it. Shock of all shocks. I have been wanting to upgrade my coffee game for a while and this was a perfect and inexpensive way to do so. It’s very quick and easy and oh so delicious. You’ll find one here on Amazon.


The temps yesterday were predicted to reach 108 DEGREES here at home, so Daniel decided we should head out of town for the day to escape. Great plan. I think it ended up reaching about 104, so not as hot as they said, but still. Hot is hot. We headed to the coast at about 10:00 after stopping at Starbucks to grab my free birthday drink. I love love love coffee but I always gravitate toward a chai tea latte at Sbux. I even got it hot (gasp!) because I just love a hot drink in the morning no matter the weather. I even shared a few sips with hubby (how kind of me).

We only live one hour from the coast. I have been probably six or seven times over the last six years, but that doesn’t seem like enough when we live so close! The weather out there can be a little hit and miss depending on the time of year. We’ve gone plenty of times when it’s cold, windy, and foggy. Not ideal because you can’t even see the ocean in weather like that.


But yesterday we hit the jackpot as far as weather was concerned. My husband has lived in Oregon is entire life (31 years) and has never seen the coast as gorgeous and warm as it was yesterday. It was 80-ish, sunny, breezy, and perfectly clear. We first stopped for lunch in Florence at a famous Oregon coast restaurant called Mo’s. It boasts of amazing seafood and a water view. I had a bowl of their famous clam chowder, Daniel ate a huge plate of cod + fixings, and we ordered a kid’s meal for Kya for the very first time. Mac n cheese and applesauce. Every toddler’s dream. She also enjoyed the crayons and coloring page while we waited. What a big girl!



 Even in warm weather, the PNW water is very cold so it’s not like we could swim or anything (though there were craaaaazy people doing it yesterday)! But sitting on a beach blanket taking in the sights and sounds with my little family was just perfect. Kya was very apprehensive about the sand. We tried to coax her off the blanket but she was most content to sit and play on the blanket. We walked down to the water a couple of times so she could see, hear, and feel what the ocean is all about. We stayed for about an hour then drove back into Florence and I poked my head in a few antique shops before we grabbed a bowl of cherry ice cream from BJ’s and headed home.









We ended our day together with an early bedtime for baby, my favorite homemade pizza, and a romantic comedy. Perfect and simple and a birthday I’ll always remember.



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