From Mama to Baby – First Birthday Letter

Kya Birthday 1

Sweet girl, today you turn one. We made it! The one-year mark is such a big milestone for both of us. Your development in just one year’s time is astounding. You’ve gone from a tiny, 7 lb. 7 oz. bundle to a walking and talking, 19-lb. toddler. And I have gone from a total newbie to a slightly more experienced newbie. 🙂 You have helped me grow in more ways than I can count.

 Someone once said that being a mother means having a piece of your heart walking around outside of your body. How true that is! You are my heart embodied. My love for you began before I even knew you. It all began with that surprisingly positive pregnancy test. I was in disbelief. I shook and cried at the news, completely overcome with emotion. I had never been so happy and yet so scared.

You began to grow inside of me. I felt your movements from week 17 on. You kicked, punched, stretched, and wiggled. You were my ever-present company. Just two days after completing your nursery, you joined our world on a sunny May afternoon. The most magical moment of my life was the doctor holding your tiny body above mine. The tears of joy in that moment were sourced in years of trying, waiting, and praying. And there you were. All the pain faded fast. They couldn’t get you into my arms fast enough.

The couple of hours that followed your birth were heaven on earth. I gave no thought to the medical attention I was receiving. I was too busy relishing the skin-to-skin snuggles and incessantly kissing your head and cheeks. I could hardly handle the beauty of your big, brown eyes! They are no doubt a gift from your handsome daddy. You immediately popped your head up to look me in the face and I simultaneously melted.

 I found myself caught up in praise to God as I laid in that hospital bed with you and all your sweetness nestled in my arms. You were my dream come true. And you still are. Thanks for making me a mama. I love you, baby girl.








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