Kya – 12 Months


Here I am writing my last monthly update on Kya! It’s been fun to track her progress and growth over the last year. I’m glad I wrote down these details. I’ll be able to look back at this “digital scrapbook” and remember so many sweet moments and stages.

Kya is little miss personality when she is around familiar people and places. We get comments a lot that she is so serious. She is serious around new people and unfamiliar environments. But I assure you she is very energetic (and even crazy) at home with us! She loves to dance to music, run around the house after her baths, and giggle like there’s no tomorrow when we tickle her! She says more words than I could possibly count and imitates everything we say!

Kya grabs her shoes at the door and says “go” when it’s time to head out the door. She asks for her Bible story every morning (we use the Bible App for Kids on the i-pad) and gets frantically excited about it! She absolutely loves her cabbage patch doll (gift from an aunt) and insists on taking it to bed at nap time. I just bought her milk and juice bottles for the baby doll and Kya enjoys “feeding” her. 🙂 There are several things in the house that Kya isn’t allowed to touch (outlets, toilet paper roll, TV remotes, etc.). She walks around the house mimicking me, pointing to each item and saying “do tut” (which means “don’t touch”). It’s hilarious and cute that she’s catching on! She definitely knows how to throw a fit though! She is welcoming us to toddlerhood. 🙂

This month, Kya enjoyed a visit from her little (5-month-old) cousin (and aunt and uncle) from Virginia. Kya worked really hard to be gentle with her and succeeded most of the time. 🙂 Also, another aunt visited from Idaho and Kya absolutely loved playing with her! She was spoiled with so much attention! Kya has become quite attached to her nana (who lives only two miles away)! Nana babysat for us this past weekend so we could go on a date. Kya enjoyed reading and playing with nana! Reading books is her favorite thing!

Kya weighs 19 lbs. and is 29 inches long. She is thinning out (because she’s so active) and much of her baby fat is gone. She wears mostly 12-month size clothes, but some 6-12 and some 12-18 depending on the brand. Her feet are a size two which makes finding shoes challenging. We have pretty much stuck to the moccasin style. They are the most comfortable for her and they’re easy to walk in. I have four pairs of sandals for her and none of them fit. She has such tiny feet!

Kya is currently cutting four teeth at the same time! She has handled teething very well with minimal fussiness (compared to horror stories I’ve heard). I honestly think she has a high pain tolerance (which she didn’t get from her mama). Here and there she has some intense pain, but some Motrin or Tylenol take care of that quickly. For more minimal pain, I use teething gel or tablets. Three of the four teeth are poking through so we’re probably near the end of this round.

Kya still takes two naps a day. I put her in her bed at 10:00 and 2:00 and she plays until she falls asleep (usually just a few minutes). She will sleep 45 minutes to one hour usually, occasionally longer. Kya sleeps soundly through the night and only rarely wakes. She goes to bed at 7:00 and wakes at 5:00 (almost on the dot) every day. I can’t quite figure out why she started waking at 5:00 instead of 7:00. She is definitely hungry at that time so I nurse her and put her back down until 7:00. I’m fine with it because we both go back to sleep quickly!

Kya has definitely improved in her ability and desire to eat table food, though she still likes veggie and fruit purees. She eats three meals a day and has two or three snacks throughout the day. I am slowly beginning the weaning process, substituting her bedtime nursing with a bottle of cow’s milk. We just began a few days ago. I was so nervous that she would freak out and not drink it. She took the bottle basically cold and after a few sips looked up at me and said (with a cute little smile), “mmmm!” I laughed so hard and felt a little slighted that she actually liked the cow’s milk! 🙂 She is nursing three times a day now since I’ve replaced that evening feeding. I plan to wean over two to three months so it’s easier on us both.

Kya and I are thoroughly enjoying these spring days. We love to run, take walks, play at the park, swim in the kiddie pool, play with the neighbor boys, and run errands. We are looking forward to more consistently warm and sunny days to enjoy!


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