Kya – Eleven Months

Kya - 11 Months

I’m a few days late on posting this due to an extremely busy week! We have been going non-stop! We are looking forward to some slower days this coming week.

It still hasn’t really hit me that Kya’s first birthday is less than one month away! This year has flown by. Just when I think having a baby is fun, it just keeps getting more fun. Yes, more challenging in some ways, but definitely more fun. There is nothing like watching a little human grow, learn, and discover!

Kya weighs 18 lbs. 5 oz. Her little personality is shining! She can say about 15 words and knows some sign language (all done, please, thank you). The general population probably wouldn’t understand the words, but we do! πŸ™‚ She tries to imitate so many things we say! Her current obsessions are cinnamon (she loves cinnamon and other spices added to her food), flowers, her elephant lovey, and her rubber ducky.

This month she all-of-the-sudden starting loving baths! This is a big deal because she has always hated baths. Now she can’t get enough. She often walks in the bathroom and asks to take a bath. It cracks me up and I oblige most times. She loves to splash and doesn’t mind getting water all over her face. Of course, rubber ducky is her favorite bath toy. A few weeks ago, she wouldn’t go to sleep at night until we put ducky in her crib. She was beside herself and crying “duhhh!”

Kya walks everywhere. It’s rare that she crawls anymore. It’s cute but she is hard to catch sometimes! But she is good about not getting into things she’s not supposed to. We’ll see how long that lasts! We have had many days to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. Kya especially loves swinging at the park, running with mama, and playing in her baby pool in the backyard.

Kya still nurses 4-5 times a day. She recently started going longer between feedings so that’s made my schedule a bit more flexible. She is starting to do better with finger foods. She doesn’t eat a lot so I still give her purees some, but she does at least try most things that I offer her. She takes after her mama and is a lover of fruit! Her favorite foods are apples, strawberries, yogurt, smoothies, and banana pancakes. She also enjoys cheese, chicken (sometimes), peas, black beans, and sweet potatoes. As she gets better with food, she’ll likely start dropping nursing little by little. But for now, she still needs it and wants it and I still enjoy it!

Kya continues to go to bed around 7:00pm but usually wakes between 5:00-6:00am to nurse (sometimes earlier). I am usually able to put her back to bed after that feeding which is nice. She will sleep an additional 1-2 hours. She still naps twice a day but the lengths of her naps vary quite a bit. It could be 30 minutes, it could be two hours. I just never know!


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