Kya – 10 Months


Here we are at 10 months! It’s hard to believe that I’m already starting to think about and plan her first birthday party. Where has the time gone?! Those moms who told me the first year goes by fast were right! Kya is definitely becoming more of a toddler and less of a baby. It makes me sad and excited at the same time. The most fun thing in life is to watch her learn and grow, but my mama heart sometimes misses my tiny, little Kya!

This month, we finally purchased a play yard/travel bed! I researched for months and was very undecided. I finally settled on this one (thank you tax return)! It is perfect for us. It’s everything I wanted and needed and nothing I didn’t. No fancy bells and whistles, attachments, or colors. I like baby things as neutral and frill-free as possible. It has been a sanity-saver for us! It gives her a contained place to play while I shower, do my Bible study (otherwise she crawls all over me), cook, clean, etc. I’m looking forward to using it outside soon as well. I know it will come in handy when the weather warms up! Speaking of warm weather, I’m so excited for all the fun things Kya and I will be able to do together this summer. We look forward to trips to the park, swimming, taking walks and runs, and traveling!

I think it’s safe to say that Kya is officially walking! There’s a fine line between “taking steps” and “walking” but now that she is walking back and forth across the living room and nursery, I think it counts. 🙂 Though she doesn’t yet stand up without assistance from furniture (or someone’s legs…mostly mine). The frequency of walking has really increased over the last few days. I feel like she will take off full-time very soon! And my life as I know it is over, hehe.

Kya is sleeping 11-12 hours and rarely wakes during the night. It’s such a nice change from months 6-9 when she was quite wakeful at night. This mama is thankful for some solid sleep. Kya still only has two bottom teeth but I’m guessing some more will pop through this next month. Her upper gums are a little swollen but she hasn’t been complaining of pain too much so we’ll see when they decide to show themselves! Kya still definitely prefers pureed foods. I give her bits of table food every couple of days and while she is getting better at picking it up and (occasionally) putting it in her mouth, she doesn’t eat much of it. Her gag reflex is good and strong and won’t let much food with texture pass through! She does love baby puffs and eats those when mama needs a few minutes of peace and quiet!

Kya is constantly trying to imitate what we’re saying. The baby jibber jabber kills me. “A dododo,” “mamamamama,” and “dada dada” are her favorites…all day long. She has also recently added “duh” to her vocabulary (it clearly means duck, as in rubber ducky). She also says “all done” when she is finished nursing or eating. It sounds more like “ah da” but I know what she means. 🙂 When I say “don’t touch that” Kya pipes back and mimics me with “do tu da.” Too funny! I love finding her talking to her toys or to the babies on Baby Einstein. Hilarious. I wish I could get inside her little brain and know what she’s thinking! She keeps us on our toes and is a constant entertainment!


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