21 Days of Health

They (whoever they are) say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Whether or not that’s completely true I don’t know, but I know time frames are important in accomplishing goals. My sister-in-law and I have decided to take 21 days (March 14 – April 3) to commit to some health and fitness goals. We are going to be accountable to each other throughout the process but I wanted to share on here for further accountability and to inspire you to set your own goals. I have always loved a challenge! I have found that discipline in one area of life almost always equals discipline in other areas. I am not trying to lose weight, become buff, or eat super rigidly. My goal is to be strong, feel good, have energy, and eat appropriately.

|| 21-DAY GOALS ||

Drink 60 oz. of water each day || my water bottle goes everywhere with me

Don’t eat desserts || though I’m not cutting sugar out completely

Eat fish once per week || here’s a favorite recipe

Only drink one cup of caffeinated coffee per day || though I will also be drinking caffeine-free hot tea or a decaf iced coffee >>> try this one or this one

Run twice per week || just bought a fresh pair of my favorite running shoes

Do Lindsay Brin’s Post Natal Bootcamp DVD twice per week || I own the full pregnancy + post natal bootcamp set

Eat healthy snacks in between meals || this is especially important for me because I’m breastfeeding and soooo hungry all the time

These are my go-to snacks…

Energy Bites

Sliced avocado sprinkled w/sea salt

Salami rollups with cream cheese + bell pepper

Sliced strawberries + blueberries (topped with either a little honey or whipped cream)

Smoothie w/banana, blueberries, strawberries, spinach, flax seed, chia seeds, vanilla Greek yogurt, and unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Athenos roasted garlic hummus + veggies

<<< What are your health goals or favorite snacks and healthy recipes? Please share! >>>



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