Kya – Nine Months


This past month has been a month of growth for me as much as it has been for Kya. I’ve had some (ok, many) days where my goals and lists were far from getting accomplished and I found myself frustrated at my daughter for being so needy. I am ashamed to say it but I started many days this month in dread. Because I knew my day would be full of what I saw as petty and meaningless activities. Attending to a clingy and whiny baby was on the top of that list. For several weeks, Kya was just more of a handful than I ever remember. I felt like my desire for efficiency, order and (if I’m honest) perfection was taking the place of joy. But this past week God has given me grace and a more peaceful, laid back disposition as I care for Kya. I have SO enjoyed her as a result.

Kya is learning to play by herself for longer periods of time. All the baby jibber-jabber that goes along with it keeps me entertained. She especially loves to play on the kitchen floor while I cook or wash the dishes and she loves to stand up along the cabinets and dishwasher. The key to keeping a baby this age happy is variety. I am constantly giving her something new to do or moving her to a new location in the house. She enjoys her activity center, plays with toys on the floor, “reads” books, watches Baby Einstein, cruises on the furniture, and follows me around. One of her favorite things to do is FaceTime family members. She talks to my parents several times a week (Daniel’s parents are local) and she talks to her aunts and uncles (she has 13 total) here and there. She knows the sound of the phone calling and gets giddy when she hears it!

Kya said her first word this month – “dada.” Since then she has added “mama” and “all done” to her vocabulary. The babyishness of her words is adoooorable. Kya’s love for books has increased quite a bit this month. She has a long attention span and loves to sit with us and read. We have enjoyed a couple of play dates with our neighbors this month. Our babies are 13 days apart! How fun is that?! Kya has started taking more consistent steps this past week. I hesitate to call it walking, but the steps are definitely getting more stable. She can take 5-6 steps at a time! Not sure I’m ready for a min-walker in the house!

Kya has started increasing the amount of solid foods she eats. Up until this month, she was only eating 1-2 oz. of pureed food per meal (sometimes only a few bites). But now she eats larger helpings and multiple foods at each meal. She still does pureed foods though. We have attempted some finger foods and she can’t handle the textures quite yet. She does love eating baby puffs as a treat. She is learning to put them in her mouth by herself and does very well. They sure work in a pinch if I need to get something done and Kya is fussy. Puffs = happiness. 🙂

It looks like Kya is over the sleep struggles she has had for the last three months. At least for now (bc babies are ever-changing)! Once I was sure it was separation anxiety and that sickness and teething weren’t waking her, I decided we needed a plan to help her sleep better. It worked in one night and she has done so well ever since (for about 10 days)! We are all getting more solid sleep as a result. I’m thankful for that!

I’ve included a few extra photos this month!







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