Kya – Eight Months


Our little munchkin turned 8 months old today! I CANNOT believe how fast things are changing.  Here’s what’s been happening this month.

This month Kya weighed in at 16 lbs. 8 oz. She started crawling basically the day she turned seven months and she hasn’t slowed down since. She started out a little bit clumsy, but is now very coordinated. She can crawl everywhere but she generally stays in the same room in which she’s placed (I’m ok with this). We are not clutter or knick-knack people so I didn’t have to baby-proof too much (with the exception of locking the kitchen and bathroom cabinets). The only thing I worry about is our TV stand. It has glass shelves with sharp-ish corners. Daniel bought it before I even knew him and we’ve had it ever since. I’ve never liked it, so maybe it’s a good time to replace it with a furniture piece! I’m trying to talk Daniel into designing and building a console. Baby’s safety is a good excuse! 🙂

Kya pulled up on her own for the first time two days ago! Then yesterday, one day before turning eight months, Kya TOOK HER FIRST STEPS! Shocking! We were playing with her on the living room floor. Daniel and I were facing each other and kept standing Kya up and turning her to face us, back and forth. We would let go to see how long she could stand. Well, she decided to take some unassisted steps. Several times she took one step and once she took two steps! Today, she did the same! Slow down, baby girl! Mama is not ready for a walker in the house!

Kya has two bottom teeth and it makes her smile even cuter! No sign of top teeth yet, but some nighttime wakefulness and irritability makes me believe they’re on their way! She hasn’t been too interested in pureed food recently, so today we started letting her try finger food! She doesn’t quite understand how to pick it up and put it in her mouth, but she’ll get the hang of it. Wholesome Baby Food is my #1 resource when it comes to the hows, whens, and whats of baby food. It’s exciting that I can introduce quite a few new foods this month! She still nurses on average six times a day but it seems like she might be stretching the time in between feedings to more like three and a half to four hours.

Kya has transitioned from three naps to two naps this month. She takes one mid-morning nap and one mid-afternoon nap. They generally last from one to two hours each. Two Sundays ago she took a 2 hour and 45 minute nap! Now that’s a good nap. But nighttime sleep? Oh my. That’s a different story. I am the most exhausted I have been since Kya’s first month of life. It’s not been an easy month, but thankfully it’s been a slower month for my schedule. Since six months, she has only slept through the night one time. She totally spoiled me those first six months of life! She was sleeping eight hours straight by nine weeks and twelve hours straight by twelve weeks. Haha, not anymore folks (though I do hope we get back to that)! Traveling, sickness, teething, and now separation anxiety make for very wakeful nights these days. Sometimes she wakes once, but sometimes she wakes five times! I guess babies will forever throw us for a loop! The hardest part for me is distinguishing what her need is when she wakes. Is she hungry? Do her teeth hurt? Is she stuffy? Does she miss me? I am beginning to understand her distinct cries and behaviors and respond accordingly. But boy, it’s a challenge!

This past month Kya enjoyed her first snow! It was only a dusting, but it still counts! She loves FaceTime with her grandparents and we do it often, especially with my parents since they are out-of-state. Kya loves to stand up and play while leaning on her activity center or the couch. She still hates baths. That was confirmed again this morning! The most exciting news this month is that Kya got a new cousin! She was born in Virginia on January 15 to Daniel’s sister (who is like a sister to me). We can’t wait for them to come visit!

A good friend reminded me a couple months back that we are called as mamas to love and serve our babies just like we are called to love and serve everyone else. It’s not easy giving every ounce of energy to a needy, little baby. Thankfully, God does give quite a level of satisfaction and delight in our children, but that is not the end of parenting. The end, as in all of life,  is the glory of God. Specifically, we are called to make disciples who will love and follow Jesus. Keeping that mindset during long, cranky days and sleepless nights takes a lot of prayer and mind renewal. I am not there!!! But I want to be. I’m praying this month that I will avail myself of God’s promised physical, mental, and emotional strength to serve my family in love.

(I couldn’t resist this last picture. It is almost identical to the one posted above with the exception of her two visible teeth! THE CUTEST!)



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