Baby’s First Christmas


We enjoyed the most low-key Christmas I can remember. I came down with a yucky chest cold on Christmas Eve and felt terrible on Christmas Day. I laid on the couch most of the day. We made an egg bake and fruit salad for brunch, watched our cute little child open gifts, and watched three movies. I don’t think I’ve ever watched three movies in one day! But I have to say, it was nice. We relaxed to the max.

I knew I had to set myself some guidelines for gifts for Kya because, really, who can actually resist all the cute baby stuff? My rule was “one thing she wants (well, for now, one thing I want for her), one thing she needs, one thing she’ll wear, one thing she’ll read” (idea not original to me). I stuck by it except for the “one thing she’ll wear” part. I got a screaming deal on three outfits at Macy’s so she got a couple extra things to open. But I counted the outfits as her “thing to wear” and “thing she needs.” 🙂 Aside from the clothes, she got  a bamboo whale push toy from Petit Collage (Zulily deal) and First 100 Words book. She also received several toys and outfits from the Kaminski side when we opened gifts on Christmas Eve. I would say we’re good to go for a while!

I definitely wanted to capture baby’s first Christmas with my nice camera. It was definitely worth the effort! Got some great shots. One goal for the new year is to (again) pull out my big girl camera more regularly. That’s not been top priority these last couple of months. Here are some of my favorite shots from our first Christmas as a family of three!








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