Kya – Seven Months


I’m a few days late on this post, but c’est la vie (wow, I actually remembered some French from college)! We have been busy here this week with all things holiday. Meal planning, shopping, baking, church events, and keeping up with an active 7-month old keeps me on my toes! Kya has been sick AND teething this week, so I’m actually feeling pretty tired. It’s still such a joy to parent this little one! Extra cuddles all around!

I feel like Kya has changed SO much between 6 and 7 months. She weighs 15 lbs. 11 oz. (not much gained since my 6-month post two weeks ago). She nurses 5-6 times and eats three, 1-oz.-ish meals each day. She is on the verge of crawling! She gets up on all fours and scoots around/lunges around, not staying in one place for very long! She received a beautiful, low key activity center this past month. IT HAS BEEN A SANITY SAVER. Kya loves it and plays in it for much of the day (and it’s not ugly, gaudy, or noisy…and it folds up)! I rotate her between the activity center, the high chair, and playing on the floor. Our toy and book collection is growing at a rapid rate this time of year with all the gifts! And it’s not even officially Christmas yet. Of course, she’s not complaining…and neither am I! Everything still fits in two small bins, thankfully! I know the collection will only continue to grow, but I’m still saying “no” to toys taking over my house! 🙂

We have had a semi-rough month with nighttime sleep. Between traveling, teething, and sickness she has definitely been more wakeful, It’s not too, too bad, but there have only been a handful of days this month when she did her usual 7:00-7:00 thing. Crossing my fingers that we get back to that soon! I’m definitely a bit more tired these days, but it’s nothing to complain about! She still naps three (sometimes four) times a day. Nap times are precious! It’s a mad dash (mama-style) to get things done while she sleeps, whether that be dishes, cleaning, a shower, a craft project, online shopping, or reading. I rarely take naps anymore, though last night my husband instructed me to do so after dinner. So I crashed on the couch without protest. 🙂

As my grandmother said of her children, “I couldn’t wait for them to go to bed at night, but I couldn’t wait for them to get up in the morning.” I feel the same way. Yes, it’s tiring and non-stop and I definitely feel relieved when she goes to bed each night, but when I wake in the morning, I can’t WAIT to get her up! Daniel and I sometimes race to her bedroom! 🙂 (are we first-time parents or what?!) The sweet smiles and morning cuddles are incomparable!

There are days when I feel like my heart is going to absolutely EXPLODE with love. I highly recommend this having-a-baby thing. We’re so thankful for God’s precious gift to us! All the waiting has made this experience all the more exciting and rewarding.


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