Kya – Five Months


Here we are…FIVE months! I have a love/hate relationship with time now that I have a kid. I love every new stage but hate that she’s growing so fast. I’m guessing that’s how parents feel, like forever. I’d better get used to it!

This is a SUPER fun stage! Kya is laughing more consistently and for longer periods of time. The other day I had her going for about ten minutes on and off! She is continuing to fill out and is exclusively wearing six-month size clothing now. Her thighs are so squishy and chubby! She weighs 13 lbs. 14 oz. I just love squeezing them! She rolls around with no problem at all. It’s cute to see her flip over so fast! She has started preferring naps on her belly. Often, she flips over almost immediately when I put her in the crib.



I believe Kya has begun the teething process. There have been some fussier days, lots of drool, and intense gnawing on fingers and toys (and really anything she can get her hands on). Teething tablets have been a lifesaver! I have one teething toy but I’m in the market for a few more. Any one care to share some faves? Kya has started to enjoy bath time more. She loves when I give her a wash cloth to play with. Poor kid doesn’t have any bath toys. Any suggestions?



This month, Kya got to see a lot of family members on my husband’s side! She met two aunts and and uncle for the first time as well as a set of great grandparents. She got A LOT of attention as you can imagine! We just returned from our first vacation as a family of three. We spent a week in the Phoenix, AZ area visiting family. It’s our third vacation in Phoenix together as a married couple. It makes a great little getaway during the fall/winter months. We were on the patio every morning somewhere between 6:00 – 7:00 drinking coffee/tea, reading, watching the sun rise, and enjoying the “cool” temperatures before the heat of the day set in. Taking the mornings slowly was one of my favorite parts of the trip.



Another favorite part of the trip was swimming. I rarely get the chance to swim in Oregon and after growing up swimming A LOT, I really miss it. We spent five out of seven days at the pool! Kya got to “swim” for the first time and she seemed to like it pretty well after the initial shock!





It’s been a fun month with lots of new adventures! We can’t wait to go to SC next month and visit grandma and grandpa and meet some more family!



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