Kya – Four Months


Kya is four months old today! She is consistently giggling and especially loves smooches and tickles from daddy. Those really get her laughing! She is filling out and getting quite a little tummy. Her cheeks are ever-so-kissable and her leg rolls are just scrumptious. She has started “giving kisses.” She opens her mouth really wide until you lean your face into hers and then she proceeds to chomp on your cheek. It’s THE cutest thing. She sleeps with three pacifiers (no less): two to play with and one to use. I love watching her play herself to sleep during nap time. She finds the TV anytime it’s on and locks in. Mama isn’t too fond of this habit. She especially gets glued on football games! Daddy is proud of that.

This month she consistently started sleeping even longer at night. Then she recently began to wake again to eat during the night. Growth spurt or sleep regression? Not sure, but a little less sleep for me  = more nighttime snuggles! Those middle of the night smiles are the sweetest. When she looks up and realizes her mama is there…oh it melts me. She has been fighting her second cold this past week. I hate seeing a baby so stuffed up and unable to breathe!

The past month has been more low key for us after a busy summer and we are grateful! But with a growing baby, it has brought more changes and of course, more joys! We are constantly entertained by our little one.


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