Kya – Three Months


We’re three months into parenthood and feeling pretty settled into a routine with baby (for now, at least). We’ve just completed a very busy summer and are thankful to be home and to stay put for a while! Since the last update, Kya has grown up SO much. It’s unreal. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

We took our youth to SLC, Utah at the end of July for nine days. We attended Plant Camp with Gospel Grace Church. What an amazing trip! I am thankful we got to see many, many good friends. Kya loved all the attention! Just days before leaving on the trip (at nine weeks old), Kya started going three hours between daytime feedings (previously every two hours). The timing was perfect and it made the trip a lot easier. We went from 10 feedings a day to six or seven. Kya and I flew to Utah while the rest of our group drove. It was the best decision! The flights were easy and smooth. Now that I have flying with baby under my belt, I feel much more confident about flying again in a couple months.

We returned from SLC on August 3 and had a few days to recoup before leaving for youth camp. We spent a week in Washington state attending camp with our church. The main challenge was the 90-degree temps with no A/C, but we made it. We would hang out in our cabin each afternoon to cool off. Surprisingly, Kya continued to sleep well, even in the new environment at camp. But I could tell she was getting worn out near the end of the week. Sadly, she came home with her first cold. Poor baby has been super stuffed up this week, but has been acting pretty happy nonetheless.

This past month, Kya has started standing up while holding our hands, has begun giggling, and is consistently sleeping 8-10 hours straight each night! She weighs 11 lbs. 7 oz. and is 24 inches long (16th percentile for weight and 61st for height). She’s our little string bean baby! She finally has leg rolls and chubby little cheeks. We are SO enjoying each new stage!




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