Kya – Two Months


My, oh my how much Kya has changed during the last month! She’s gone from 7 lbs. 13 oz. at one month to 10 lbs. 2 oz. at 2 months! Little porker. Part of the increased weight gain is due to the fact that we started her on acid reflux medication a couple weeks ago. It has significantly lessened the frequency of her throwing up episodes. She’s keeping more down and gaining fast!

Kya has started consistently smiling and we even heard her first laugh this week. Daddy was thrilled that HE was the one to make her laugh first. He was gone for an entire week this past week (we DEFINITELY missed him) and her little giggle was just what he needed after a week away from his precious girl.

Kya isn’t “sleeping through the night” yet but usually wakes up once to eat. At night she can go six hours between feedings, though that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes it’s between 4-5 hours. I’m not complaining! I have started putting her down in her big girl crib for her morning naps. She seems to like it! I put her in a Halo sleep sack, turn on the video monitor and white noise and I’m able to work out and shower during that hour and a half nap.

Kya has started really interacting with her toys more. Sometimes I walk in the room and catch her smiling at her mobile toys! She has also started holding her pacifier in her mouth and is able to sort of put it back in when it falls out. These little accomplishments are so fun to watch!

Kya finally outgrew her newborn clothes at eight weeks. We are WELL-stocked with three-month size clothes (thanks to lots of friends and family) and it’s been fun to try on new outfits each day. The newborn clothes were getting a little boring after wearing them for almost two months! Dressing her each day (or multiple times a day) is something I look forward to!

We love our little pumpkin more every day. Her little personality is starting to shine through. Parenting a little one has stretched me (us) in new ways. I’m thankful for God’s sanctifying work through the journey!



2 thoughts on “Kya – Two Months

  1. Katie

    She is precious! Parenting is such a refining journey, but a fun one to be on! My little girls sass and drama even at 17 months keep you on your toes/knees. 🙂

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