Kya’s Birth Story


Baby Kya joined our family on May 20, 2015 at 2:41pm! I am writing out the details of her birth on here mostly for myself, but you’re welcome to read along.

On Tuesday, May 19, I woke up with a HORRIBLE headache. I don’t get headaches often, so I wondered why I randomly had one after a good night’s sleep. I got ready and we hurried off to my 39-week appointment.  Per the usual routine, the nurse took my blood pressure to start the appointment off. It was quite a bit higher than usual. The high blood pressure and headache immediately concerned the doctor. She sent me home with orders to take Tylenol and rest for the afternoon. If the headache wasn’t gone by late afternoon, I was to call her to report. Sure enough, the headache didn’t go away. She told me to go to labor and delivery for monitoring. We grabbed our hospital bags (which were thankfully already packed) and headed to the hospital. We arrived about 6:00pm. They immediately hooked me up to monitors.  The doctor diagnosed me with preeclampsia. After a couple of hours, she decided that inducing me was the safest option.

I was already dilated to 4 cm upon arriving at the hospital. They started the pitocin about 11:00pm (though I was hoping they would wait until morning so I could get a good night’s sleep). Every couple of hours, they increased the pitocin until it was at the highest level by about 9:00am. During the night, I just had sporadic contractions and was even able to sleep about two hours. After the pitocin was at its highest, I started having more regular contractions (about 2-3 minutes apart) and they started getting stronger. My water still hadn’t broken though. The doctor said she would come between 12-3 to break it for me. That sounded like an eternity when I just wanted the kid out of me! But thankfully, my water broke on its own around 10:30am and I simultaneously had the strongest contraction yet. That’s when things got crazy. The contractions became very strong and were about 1-2 minutes apart for the next two hours. They gave me some fentanyl to take the edge off, but I don’t think it helped at all.

I finally starting asking for an epidural about 11:30am. The anesthesiologist came around noon to give me some relief. Little did I know, I was already dilated to 9.5 by the time the epidural kicked in. My goal was to go natural as long as I could knowing I would probably end up getting an epidural (I’m not known for my high pain tolerance). I felt pretty proud of myself for going that far without the epidural!

The doctor said the baby was low and ready to go. I started pushing at about 1:50pm. The baby was coming fast and then she decided to rotate her head to the side. This added about 30 extra minutes to the process, but she finally came out at 2:41pm! THE BIGGEST RELIEF OF MY LIFE.

Kya’s little face was so perfect. She came out very alert! The first detail I noticed were her big, dark eyes! Also, all that hair! And that cute little button nose. We were in LOVE. My husband rarely cries, but I looked up at him after they had placed her on my chest and his eyes had welled up with tears. It was the sweetest moment. Kya stayed on my chest for several hours before they took her measurements and cleaned her up. There is NOTHING like skin-to-skin with a fresh baby!

Daniel helped the nurses bathe Kya and take her measurements while I showered and got freshened up a bit. The nurses were a bit concerned when I started blow drying my hair and putting on a little makeup. They probably thought I was crazy and maybe I was, but both sets of parents and Daniel’s brother’s family were planning on coming that evening and I wanted to look half-way presentable. My parents flew in from SC at 10:45pm on Tuesday night. That was right about the time they induced me. They had purchased their tickets a couple months before but ended up arriving at the perfect time! God definitely arranged that!

 Right after birth, they put me on magnesium sulfate. It is routinely given during labor to those with preeclampsia. We knew it had some undesirable side affects (drowsiness, dizziness, vision problems, etc.) and those could be passed to baby during birth. My doctor agreed to wait on the magnesium sulfate until after I delivered because my blood pressure was pretty stable during labor (surprisingly). Boy, was I glad we waited. The side affects were AWFUL. I was loopy, dizzy, and having double vision for 12-ish hours after giving birth. They finally turned off the magnesium sulfate and I started coming out of a fog. I wanted to enjoy my new baby!

We thought we would stay in the hospital for one or two more nights, then go home. But because of the preeclampsia and my high blood pressure, we ended up staying for 5 days/4 nights. In some ways it was nice, because I got to recover with the 24/7 help of nurses and I got a lot of extra breastfeeding help.  But I was SO glad when we were finally discharged on Saturday night. My BP levels were still not desirable, but they let me go with instructions to continue BP medication and monitor my levels at home.

Things have been going well since arriving home. My mom has been a HUGE help preparing meals, cleaning, watching Kya, etc. Kya is a good little eater and sleeper (and snuggler)! We’re excited to continue watching her grow!

I can’t believe this little baby girl is MINE! She is a constant reminder of the goodness and faithfulness of God. The joy she brings is unbelievable, especially after several years of waiting and praying for a child. Thank you, Lord for this precious gift from heaven!


The best moment of my life


Pure joy


Those first moments of skin-to-skin…heaven on Earth!


We absolutely LOVE our doctor!


I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her!


It didn’t take long to pull out the girly accessories!


Daddy’s girl


Snuggles with mama


Kya loved to hold onto daddy’s sweatshirt string. So cute!


2 thoughts on “Kya’s Birth Story

  1. Karlyn

    So beautiful! I love reading about those first moments when the baby is finally out! It’s such a wonderful experience. And I love seeing our husbands so overjoyed with tears and relief. Excited for you!

  2. plums4mom

    Beautiful birth story! One thing though… Your hair looked so beautiful in the delivery room, I don’t wonder about the nurse’s reaction about making it better! lol

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