Nursery Reveal

I’m over-the-moon to finally be DONE with the nursery!!! We started gathering decor pieces when I was just 10 weeks pregnant. And now, almost 30 weeks later, it has all come together so beautifully! Most of you know that there is something extra special about this nursery. My wonderful, amazingly talented, woodworker of a husband built the furniture!!! We came up with our custom designs back in February (mostly inspired by pieces from Restoration Hardware and The Land of Nod).  It took us several weeks to come to an agreement on what style we wanted. Half of me loves traditional and half of me loves modern and Daniel leans towards traditional. I think our furniture is a good mix of the two styles. You CANNOT buy furniture this nice! It’s incredibly sturdy (and heavy). Daniel spent over 80 hours building it! I’m sooooo proud of him. He is incredibly detail-oriented. He even installed soft close hardware on the dresser. Yes, you heard that right, SOFT CLOSE DRAWERS. I thought it was a bit over-the-top at first, but I’m definitely in love with that feature now! No doubt, these furniture pieces will be in our family for decades to come.

I knew from the start (actually before I was pregnant) that I wanted to do a yellow/gray/white/black color scheme without a “theme.” I didn’t want the room to feel too “babyish.” I wanted it to grow with our daughter and be sophisticated and stylish. For those of you who know me, you know I LOOOOVE interior design (studied it as my minor in college) and I’ve been dreaming about designing a nursery for years.  I love clean, simple, and uncluttered spaces. I am perfectly in love with our nursery! All it’s missing is a baby!









Rocker/Glider: Little Castle brand, but purchased from

“K” sign: Hobby Lobby (yes, our baby’s name starts with a “K”)

Table Lamp: Hobby Lobby

Elephant Pillow: Hobby Lobby

Elephant Toy: McKenzie Honey Farms & Gifts 

Gray Tufted Ottoman: Ross: Dress for Less

Yellow Wall Hooks: Real Deals on Home Decor

Gray + Yellow Pillows: Target

White Ruffled Curtains: Amazon

Wall Clock: Target

Ceiling Light Fixture: The Land of Nod (my Mother’s Day gift!)

Changing Pad Cover: The Land of Nod

Dresser/Closet Knobs: Amazon

DIY Laundry Basket: revitalized an old basket into a laundry basket with a little spray paint and a white fabric liner from Amazon

DIY Mirror: $0.50 window frame purchased at a yard sale, painted, and repurposed into a mirror

DIY crib sheet: material from Hobby Lobby (I also made a gray + white polka dotted crib sheet)

Yellow/Gray Reversible Quilt: handmade by my mom!!!

Below are photos from the furniture-building process!












3 thoughts on “Nursery Reveal

  1. Autumn

    It is SO cute Kellie! I love it so much I want my nursery to look like it. 😉 You guys did a fabulous job. Can’t wait to “meet” the little one thru your pics.

  2. Audrey

    Beautiful! I loved the quilt and was wondering if someone made it. Your mom is talented! How fun that you have so much handmade stuff to share with your baby. 🙂

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