34-Week Update

And here we are just about six weeks from BABY – DAY. What?!?! I know everyone says it, but time flies. I’m hoping baby girl decides to grace us with her presence a bit early to coincide with family visiting. We’ll see! God has chosen her birthday and it will be perfect.


| eating |

The usual…cereal. Of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch variety. Doesn’t matter what time of day either! I know that’s not exactly what my body needs right now, but it tastes soooo good. I am trying very hard to eat protein and veggies (even though those are the last things I’m craving). I made this skillet meal on Thursday night. It was tasty and satisfying and included veggies and protein. A win! I’ve also been eating my fair share of popscicles and ice cream. What? I can’t pass up a 2/$5.00 sale on Breyer’s ice cream! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and has recently consisted of more days of steel cut oats (a healthy attempt on my part). On other days I cook eggs (farm fresh) and a protein. Our favorite is egg/sausage/cheese English muffins. We’ve had that like six times in three weeks. It’s my current fave! We most often eat berries or grapefruit as well.  And one or two days a week are for cereal (how’d you guess).

| drinking |

Getting in that gallon-ish of water a day has gotten a lot easier. I was tracking my water intake on a phone app until it told me I had to upgrade the app in order to continue using it. Now I just drink, drink, drink and *hope* it adds up to about a gallon. I’m not stressing about it, just trying to stay hydrated and healthy! Water is pretty much all I’m drinking these days. I was sick for an entire week and my favorite orange juice/Sprite mix was quite refreshing. The daily cup of decaf coffee is always a must. Morning Bible reading + coffee just go together.

| wearing |

I’m starting to feel some of my maternity clothes getting a bit tight. Wow…never thought that would happen. Who am I kidding?! I thought I was done buying maternity clothes, but I purchased a new pair of Old Navy skinny jeans this week because one of my other pairs weren’t exactly fitting (ahem) my posterior. Thankfully, they rang up on sale to my surprise! These days, I pretty much want to live in pajamas. Oh, I guess I do most of the time! I’m a firm believer in making oneself look (at least somewhat) put together when going out. But if I’m staying at home all day, PJs it is. I can be quite productive in pajamas.

| sleeping |

I continue to sleep well for the most part, though my body temperature is on the rise. I’m thinking it’s time to readjust the thermostat to frigid so I can make it through the night without sweating. The joys of the 3rd trimester! I’m trying to take advantage of the sleep I can get right now. I know that freedom won’t last much longer. More naps and longer nights of sleep are part of my regular routine at this stage.

| feeling |

I came down with a yucky cold virus two weeks ago and it lasted an entire week. It consisted of bad headaches, earaches, TONS of congestion, and a low-grade fever. I’m really glad it’s over! It started getting discouraging being stuck on the couch with zero energy. I was absolutely thrilled to get out and run errands last Monday after being at home for a solid week.

There has been a definite increase in BH contractions over the past couple of weeks. I have them multiple times a day. Sometimes they’re just a cramping/tightening feeling and sometimes they are actually painful. I’m getting some good practice breathing through these “practice” contractions. Not sure I’m ready for the real thing! I’ve also had a lot more round ligament pain. She must be growing like a weed because there is a lot more pressure/pain all over!

| doing |

Nesting is in full force! This past week I finished sewing a second crib sheet, started gathering items for my hospital bag, and tried to read and rest as much as possible. Oh, and I also had an extremely strong urge to weed all the mulch beds. Weird, I know. Is that considered nesting?! It took me three days of 30-minute or hour-long increments, but I managed to do the whole yard by myself. It was definitely a workout with this big belly, but it felt good to get outside and get my hands dirty! I can’t wait to plant our vegetable garden the first weekend in May!

It’s hard to believe this pregnancy is winding down to the end. I thank God for sustaining this little, miraculous life and for keeping us both healthy. As the days get closer, I find myself daydreaming more and more about the first time I’ll get to see her face! I’m am just bursting with excitement!!!


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