30-Week Update


We’ve made it to another big milestone…30 weeks! Here’s a little update on life with the bump!

| eating |

No crazy cravings still. But I have noticed my desire for carbs has increased x10 the last couple of weeks! Those bad, bad carbs. I’ve found myself particularly drawn to the breakfast variety (muffins, bagels, cinnamon rolls, coffee cake). But I’ve also found myself making smoothies more often. So a balanced diet, right? I CANNOT handle vegetables these days. Cooked ones I can stomach, but raw…no way! I’ve never been a vegetable lover (though I still generally eat them), but right now vegetables mean sick-to-my-stomach. Thank goodness for pre-natal vitamins!!! I’m still eating tons of fruit. I particularly love that strawberries are now in season and have a more affordable price tag. Add those to a bit of vanilla Greek yogurt and some granola…and mmmm.

| drinking |

Ummm, mostly tons of water! I’ve started adding lemon slices to my water this week when plain water gets boring (and I learned it has an added benefit of reducing swelling…no issues there yet, but it can only help). I got checked out last weekend after having bad headaches for a week (very out of the ordinary for me). After running lots of tests they determined everything was perfect and I just needed to keep drinking more water. Whew! Hydration has become a full-time job! I’m trying to drink one gallon per day. And yes, that sends me to the little girl’s room even more!!! Of course, I still have my morning cup of decaf coffee (with waaaay too much caramel creamer). And I go through milk like it’s going out of style…be it for cereal or just for drinking.

| wearing |

Definitely maternity clothes, with a few exceptions. I have a couple of belly button bands that have been great for times when I want to wear my regular, non-maternity pants. I mostly prefer the paneled maternity pants, but I also sometimes miss my regular jeans or my red skinny pants. I’m not planning on purchasing any more maternity clothes for the rest of this pregnancy. I was thinking about an Easter dress the other day and realized my closet might have a few options that would still work. I already own several high-waisted, stretchy spring dresses. We’ll try make one work for Easter (fingers crossed)!

| sleeping |

Longer nights of sleep and more naps have been happening since starting the 3rd trimester. The exhaustion is unbelievable! I feel like pregnancy is not too much work until I have a lightly busy day and end up coming home and seriously craaaashing. Like today. I photographed a 1st birthday party for three hours (squatting, sitting, standing, twisting, and yes, even laying on the ground). Not for the faint of heart! My husband wouldn’t let me do anything until I took a good, long nap. I love him.

| feeling |

Overall, I have started to feel generally uncomfortable (I know…”just wait until 40 weeks”). This baby is getting bigger and crowding out mama’s abominable space! One of her favorite activities is dancing on mama’s bladder. How nice of her, right?! I’ve also started to notice slightly heavier breathing as she is taking up more of my lung space. Thanks, baby girl! Heartburn? No, not really. But my baby does have hair, so that throws the old wives’ tale out the window!

The pounds are definitely starting to pick up during this last trimester. I lost weight (five pounds) during the 1st trimester due to nausea and not being able to eat well. By 20 weeks, I had gained back the five pounds, plus two pounds. I was concerned at that point because I was only up two pounds overall (and that was after the holiday eating too)! She assured me that as long as baby is growing well, I’m fine! Well, since then I’ve put on 9 more pounds for a total of 11 since pre-pregnancy. I’m sure I’ll be shocked how much the scale will go up these last couple of months!

My back has been feeling sooooo much better! I had three chiropractic adjustments within a week and a half back around the 25-week mark. The couple of days following each adjustment were horribly painful (like sobbing as I tried to walk), but after some patience and rest, my back/pelvis is working like it should be. I haven’t had pain in 3-4 weeks!!!

| reading |

Still reading that huge breastfeeding book. Naps and early bed times have won over reading these last couple of weeks. Ooooops. When I do read, it’s been on the back patio in the sunshine! Once a couple more projects are complete, I’m planning to spend a good chunk of these last couple of months reading.

| doing |

We’ve had a lot of beautiful weather here recently. Spring has visited us early and it seems winter never came. I absolutely LOVE getting out in the sun. Daniel and I have been able to take several walks this week and boy does it feel good to get moving!

Daniel is busy (even as we speak) building the nursery furniture! He’s working on the crib and dresser. We came up with custom designs back in January and purchased the materials in February, but between weekend church activities and an unplanned trip to Florida, he was just able to start building last week. Things are looking goooood! I can’t wait to see the finished products!

I have been doing a lot of thrift/consignment shopping for our little babe. I have hit up all the local thrift stores as well as a children’s consignment store and have scored so many deals on cute, cute clothes! This past week, I also attended a huge consignment sale at a local church/camp. I ended up with 16 pieces for $74, many of them being expensive brands! It is just way, way too much fun.

I’m nearing the end of my organize-the-whole-house project! I recently cleaned out the storage in the garage, only keeping what I really need and what I really use. I had a Facebook “yard sale” and sold quite a bit of household items that I didn’t want/need. The most challenging room has been the guest room/office. We lost an office to the nursery (no complaints there!) but we were struggling to find a space for our office supplies and files. We decided to install shelving in the guest room closet and create a little “office” space there. It still needs to be organized a bit, but I’m almost done. I also reorganized our bookshelves and cabinets next to the guest bed. Things are *almost* complete!


The highlight of this past week was being able to see our baby on ultrasound! The first thing the tech noticed was her chubby cheeks! We might have a little chunker on our hands. She has delicate lips (like mom), long toes (like mom and dad…she was doomed in that department), and hair! She is apparently very flexible too. During the ultrasound, she was folded in half with her hands and feet in front of her face. It was cracking us up! I just can’t stop staring at her sweet, little face!

20150313-IMG_9127 20150313-IMG_9133


2 thoughts on “30-Week Update

  1. Shasta

    So much fun! Enjoy every moment it is such an exciting time. My midwife told me when you get to end of pregnancy with your first try to make special time with your husband. Lots of dates!! It really helped me focus on other things than just feeling HUGE! Your pictures are so good and the ultrasound is so clear. She is beautiful!!! Can’t wait for Dan to become a Daddy. He will be a great dad. She is one lucky girl. Have fun your last 10 weeks.

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