It’s a…GIRL!


Our little baby girl is 14 weeks along today, officially beginning the 2nd trimester! You might be wondering how we found out the gender so early. So here’s the story…

At my 9-week appointment, my doctor asked us if we were interested in getting genetic testing done (a simple blood test). The state of Oregon just started offering it at little to no charge for all pregnant moms, not just moms over 35 or with a high risk of chromosomal abnormalities. We didn’t see any reason for the testing as it wouldn’t make a difference to us anyways. We declined the offer. She continued and let us know that a lot of moms choose to have the genetic testing done just so they can find out the gender early, anytime after 10 weeks along! That caught our attention, though I was still perfectly content waiting until my 20-week appointment to find out the news. Daniel loved the idea of finding out super early and convinced me! I went in at about 11 weeks and had my blood drawn. About two weeks later, the nurse called to let me know the genetic testing came back normal and that she had the results of the gender test. I didn’t want to find out over the phone, so I had her mail me an envelope with the result. It arrived last Saturday. My plan all along was to hide the envelope away until we could figure out some kind of gender reveal party for our family. But the moment that news was in my hands, I couldn’t help wanting to open it right away!! We decided we would open it and then plan surprises for both sides of the family.

We opened the envelope to reveal the news that a baby GIRL will be joining our family! I was so excited because though I would obviously be happy with either gender, I had an inkling it was a girl and really kind of wanted a girl. We were so excited!! I immediately began crying and just kept saying, “we’re having a baby girl, a baby GIRL!” I immediately pictured my handsome husband snuggling his newborn daughter. Those thoughts made my heart pitter patter!

Now that the 1st trimester has passed (with its nausea and exhaustion), I am energized and ready to get to work on preparing for baby. I have gathered a few items for the nursery and know my color scheme, but haven’t gotten started on the work yet. After the holidays, we’ll paint the nursery and Daniel will begin building our nursery furniture (which I can’t wait for!!) and I’ll start sewing and prettying up baby’s room!


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