August Love

Today marks the first day of our real summer. Summers around here are wonderful, beautiful, and hectic (which is why I haven’t blogged for quite some time). While many ministries seem to get a little breather during the summer months, our ministries kicks into high gear from June – August. We are so thankful that we were able to invest into the lives of many children and teens this summer. It’s now time for us to slow down, recoup, and drink in these last few weeks of Oregon summer.

We ventured out to Dorris Ranch today in 90+ degree weather (donning jeans…eek!) to have our newest brother-in-law, Moriah, take a few photos of us! We were long overdue for a photoshoot! Thank you, Moriah!












6 thoughts on “August Love

  1. Marcia Keisler Smith

    Your “blooming”… a “lovely way to start my day”.. you don’t know me, but I worked at Barge Hospital from 1981-91 and worked with your mother. We arrived at BJU in January of 1981 with our four children and met your parents “chaperoning a basketball game”. They are dear memories in our hearts to this day from our treasured time at BJU and we fortunately get to “see them” from time to time. When I read your lovely blog this morning, I saw the “bud” of your parents.. “blooming to the Glory of our Father”…

    1. kelliejoykaminski

      That was a sweet story, Marcia! Thank you for sharing and thank you for the encouraging words! I love my parents and thank God for their godly influence on my life. I miss them. We live 3,000 miles apart!

  2. Kristina Mullins

    I love your pics! Moriah did a great job!!! Praying that you get a few more days of summer time to relax together. I totally understand the ministries kicking into high gear while all of the teens and kiddos are out of school, but it takes quality time and energy away from our loved ones sometimes although it is rewarding :).

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