Planting Day

Today was planting day at the Kaminski household! It’s one of my favorite days of the year. The freshness it brings is rejuvenating. We spent a good part of our day perusing aisle after aisle in the garden center of our local home improvement store. Daniel and I each filled a cart with plants and we thought we were all set. After returning home, we realized we still needed more filler! So back to the store I went. I filled another cart. And spent more money than the first trip. Oops.

Our yard has been lacking personality ever since we purchased our home two summers ago. We’ve lived with the contractor-grade shrubbery, but knew it was time to add our own touch. We’ll admit, neither of us is a green thumb. I’m actually really good at killing plants. It’s one of my talents. Daniel is good at keeping the grass nice and planting corn, but that’s about it for us when it comes to green thumb-ish activities. But we put our heads together today and hopefully came through with something beautiful. Gardening today was a bit of a worship time for me. God has created an incredible variety of plants and He lets us use them and enjoy them! What a privilege!

{Here’s to keeping everything alive!}

20140502-IMG_4393Front yard sidewalk garden bed


20140502-IMG_4396I don’t even remember what these are called, but they’re so pretty.

20140502-IMG_4400Beautiful hostas

20140502-IMG_4406Potted dahlias


20140502-IMG_4418My cucumbers were the only seedlings ready to be planted today.

20140502-IMG_4432Planting corn


20140502-IMG_4441Backyard potted flowers

20140502-IMG_4450Looking fresh!


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