MIL’s Kitchen: Before & After

Over the last eight weeks, my husband has been working on building his mom her dream kitchen. She had been planning, designing, and saving her pennies for seven years. Part of her dream was to have her son build her kitchen. Daniel has been doing woodworking since high school and then he worked for five years for a custom cabinetry and furniture shop here in town before becoming a full-time youth pastor. But this was my first time to see him build a kitchen! When we first got married, I began praying that God would provide for us to be able to furnish woodworking tools for Daniel to start a little shop out of our garage. After a couple years of praying, God said yes! He was able to purchase tools in 2013.

Over these last couple of months, I have enjoyed watching Daniel do what he loves and is sooo good at! Seriously. I am blown away by his talent! He basically managed to work two full-time jobs during this project equaling about 80 hours of work each week for eight weeks. He is tired to say the least! But the look on his mom’s face when she saw her kitchen was worth it all!

I wanted to share “before” and “after” pictures. The change is quite drastic. It doesn’t even feel like the same house. Many people other than Daniel were part of this renovation helping with demo, framing, tiling, electrical, plumbing, etc. Everything came together so nicely! I’m thankful for the mix of gifts that were combined to create something so beautiful!







20140313-IMG_2753Working in his “shop”




IMG_3485Showing off their guns 🙂

STAGING DETAILS (the fun part for me!)





IMG_4245First look at the completed kitchen!

IMG_4253Taking it all in!

IMG_4258There were many tears of joy here!

IMG_4199Daniel’s logo is burned inside each drawer

IMG_4228The peninsula

IMG_4232Now open-concept with that wall gone!




Exhausted, but very happy and fulfilled!

IMG_4271We surprised Janie with the Kitchen Aid Mixer as well (from all the kids)! Her other mixer was 32 years old!

IMG_4263My oh-so-talented husband! I love him and am so proud of him!!

Thankful to God for giving him a gift for woodworking!


6 thoughts on “MIL’s Kitchen: Before & After

  1. Jackie Ellison

    What a wonderful expression of love using the gifts God has given you of talent, ability and craftsmanship to produce your mother’s and MIL’s longtime desire for her remodeled dream kitchen. It is absolutely beautiful. We were thrilled to see the great ‘before and after’ pictures. Thanks for allowing us a peek. Love you all, Aunt Jackie, Uncle Kaleel and Grandma Jarrell.

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