Be Mine, Valentine {Waffle-Date Style}

I’m thankful that Valentine’s Day fell on a Friday this year. My husband and I both have Fridays off work, so it was the perfect day for this holiday! For breakfast, we headed downtown to a famous local joint called “Off the Waffle.” Surprisingly, neither of us had ever been before. Now I’m wondering why we waited so long to go! Almost everything on the menu involves waffles. Sweet waffles, savory waffles, breakfast waffles, lunch/dinner waffles. The combinations of flavors were quite unique and definitely packed a punch!


I enjoyed a delightful mason jar of fresh-squeezed OJ with my waffles.


Table #6 {a quiet booth in the back}


“Goat in Headlights” {fried eggs, avocado, goat cheese, smoked paprika, and fresh basil on a sweet waffle}


Mini BMB {bacon, fresh basil, havarti cheese, and real maple syrup on a sweet waffle} + Mini Beloved Bully {belgian chocolate chips and fresh strawberries on a sweet waffle} = best breakfast ever.


And then there’s this guy…who I am SO in love with him. What a handsome chap!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my love! ❀


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